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Driver Kicks Passenger from car after complaining that Tinubu announced a 50% Reduction in cost of transportation

When a passenger on a Nigerian bus asserted that President Bola Tinubu had promised a 50% reduction in transportation costs, the driver ejected them, causing a stir.

Citing President Tinubu’s guarantee of a 50% transportation discount, the passenger said that he paid the driver 10,000 with the purpose of driving to Cross River.

But the driver rejected the allegation and ejected the passenger off the bus with force.

The bus driver insisted that since Bola Tinubu buys and owns his own gasoline, he is in no position to set the bus tariff.

The traveler persisted in the meantime, pointing to the president’s promise of a 50% transportation discount.

Many others were drawn to the film and left their comments in the comment box.

Watch Video below:

Reacting to the post;

@aymilano: “‎no now…it can only be with a transport company and they will tell you before you enter. people dey always get information wrongly i don’t know why.”

@Frank George: “‎Oga Driver u must listing to the president or u will face the Routh.”

Josephpoku17: “‎Not be another person life dey for danger, na you wey de listen to Tinubu”

user7844566801471: “‎Thats the problem we have in this country we are no listing to our leaders.”

markadakole: “‎Tinubu himself don’t even know when he voices out some things.”

Chioma: “‎you guys have carried 2023 heades award ceremony the best joke of 2023.”

olorunkemiawolesi: “‎A man that has lost his cognitive capacity tell Una 50% …Una take am serious.”

Mayortee05#olamidelv: “‎Not all the transport na, there are accredited transporter outisted for it.”

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chukwudiernest960: “‎i support driver tinubu no buy fuel for him na.”

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