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BBNaijaAllStars: Mercy Eke boasts, “My Eyes Are on The N120millio, I’m winning the show”

The “pepper dem” season winner Mercy Eke made it apparent to Ilebaye, another inhabitant, that she intended to win the N120 million cash prize from the BBNaija season 8 All-Stars edition program

This remark was made to Ilebaye on Thursday night as they were speaking about a matter involving Cross

Mercy Eke made a vow, though it’s unclear how they got started, that “God should not allow her to win the show if she knew those who insulted Cross”

Mercy Eke said that she would win the cash prize when Ilebaye asked who she thought would win the competition

See the following dialogue

Mercy Eke: “If I’m the one who said that, then let me not win this show”

“Were you expecting to win it before?” asked Ilebaye

I’m going to win this show, says Mercy Eke. I’m here to win, and the N120 million is mine. I am armed with mercenaries

The debate between the two housemates has prompted viewers to leave comments on the video

See a few responses below

The Ilebaye Prince tricked you, ni oo, said shapeshifter23_. I care about you, but it will require a miracle and a little babalawo. Your strength is undeniable, but what about the elephants

Mercy is not lying, said echebirigreg. She must take cautious, though, to avoid passing out from too much Infringement.She poses a significant threat to almost all of them

“Mercy Eke 2.0 is no Jokes, Mercenaries get ready it’s about to be a Bl00dy affair,” said soothsayer_de2.I love her because she chastised her right away and announced Mercy EkeX120 as the winner

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What people tend to forget, according to naashika1, is that many supporters of other fanbases cast their votes for ilebaye and vice versa. Compared to SPARTANS and MERCENARIES, who virtually ever share votes when their favorite is up, only a select few people support her. Mercy and CeeC are the winners (in my observation and judgment, nonetheless). We welcome yours, but no insults, please

If Mercy had questioned Ilebaye in the same way, xenia_uju: Fans of her pity party would be mentioning Mercy everywhere… What kind of absurd query is that? Are there any mercies around to count beans

Mercy will become the first housemate to win BBN twice, according to nekkycutie. In fact, she will still win if there is ever an all-winners BBN show! You can deposit this in a bank

And that is how Baye will clap for the winner on the final day, according to barbiicares. Don’t comment on my post with garbage, read and pass…I have a right to my own viewpoint. Period”

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