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Atiku and Peter Obi are criticized by Soyinka for “shedding crocodile tears” over the 2023 election and are held accountable for Tinubu’s triumph

Prof. Wole Soyinka, a Nobel laureate, has reiterated his claim that Atiku Abubakar of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and Peter Obi of the Labour Party did not prevail in the Nigerian presidential election of 2023

According to Soyinka, the two candidates, who in 2019 campaigned on a joint ticket under the PDP platform, deliberately handed the election to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu by competing as independents

The Nobel Prize winner made this statement on Saturday at a discussion hosted by “Africa in the World” in Stellenbosch, South Africa

Soyinka emphasized in the statement the significance of politicians taking responsibility for the results of their decisions”

The mistake we all continue to make is our insistence on viewing the recent Nigerian elections as an adversarial thriller,” he said in his remarks. The reality is the opposite. The results of the vote count properly depicted what happens when a political party divides in two, particularly so closely before an election

“What was supposed to be a magnificent competition has become a feast of voluntary donation of war booty. However, that is not always the final result; the re-gifting may go on as a result of an unexpected wave of regret. A far more powerful beneficiary is still present and hiding in the shadows”

In this instance, we quickly identify it as the unregistered but highly agitated Interim Peoples Party, which is frequently seen in cahoots with the military. Such re-entry is made possible by the infamous Datti interview, which is frightening, scary, and unambiguous

Then, as is currently evident along the West African sub-region, history keeps repeating itself. The “call to arms” is taken literally by individuals whose line of work is the manufacture of weapons

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But unless there is an unexpected ‘patriotic intervention,’ the Supreme Court has the final say. Wherever and whenever the topic of the Nigerian elections arises up until that decisive hour, my input can be taken for granted in advance: The elections in Nigeria in 2023 were not won by Peter Obi. Together with his former PDP colleague Abubakar Atiku, they contributed the outcome prior to the election

Let politicians learn to accept accountability for the results of their decisions made within democratic possibilities, he said

The Nobel Laureate charged the Labour Party with trying to mislead Nigerians about the election results earlier on Wednesday during his remarks at the same occasion

In retaliation, The Labour Party slammed Soyinka, asserting that he had a “dual character” and was a victim of “groupthink syndrome” in his recent comments regarding the party’s success in the general elections of 2023

Obiora Ifoh, the spokesperson for the LP, referred to Soyinka’s claims that the party was using “Gbajue” (to force a lie) on Nigerians as “disconcerting” and “befuddling” coming from a “detribalized and activist statesman”

It’s rather interesting that the learned Prof. Soyinka, who admitted to having an electoral “monitoring unit,” conveniently glossed over INEC’s sleight-of-hand that resulted in significant non-compliance and erosion of constitutional requirements, just as he conveniently glossed over INEC’s advanced “gbajue” of February 25 that covertly installed the King of “gbajue” in Aso Rock, said Ifoh

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