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APC Youth Leader Requests Atiku To End Tinubu Lawsuit in US Court

Hyde Kalu, a youth leader for the All Progressives Congress (APC), has encouraged Atiku Abubakar, the PDP’s presidential candidate, to drop the lawsuit he has brought in the United States against President Bola Tinubu

In the lawsuit, Atiku requested that a US district judge order Tinubu’s alma mater, Chicago State University, to make the President’s academic records public

In a statement released on Monday, Kalu pleaded with Atiku to provide Nigeria’s judiciary the power to settle disagreements relating to the presidential election in 2023

He pointed out that because of the legal fight in the US, Nigeria is mocked in the community of nations

The APC youth leader claimed that the issue was already drawing unfavorable attention to Nigeria around the world, making the call imperative

He pleaded with Atiku to save the nation the humiliation

“Atiku is a statesman, and it is undeniable that he has the love of Nigeria at heart,” read the statement

“I’m certain that no Nigerian is pleased with the way that our nation has been made fun of because of the court decision in the United States

“It is crucial that we implore Atiku to drop that lawsuit and refuse to let us air our dirty laundry in front of the public for the sake of this nation and to save Nigerians the disgrace of how this process may end

“We are all patriots, and I think we can handle this situation decently and spare Nigerians the disgrace of this upcoming scandal

“A president has been elected after the recent election. We are all just people, thus for the good of the nation and in light of his friendship with President Tinubu, I am asking with Atiku to drop the case in America

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