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After suspicious farmers installed CCTV, a man was caught having sex with a cow

A suspicious farmer installed CCTV, which allowed a 25-year-old guy to be captured having sex with a cow

The farmer from Burton, close to Christchurch, Dorset, had grown concerned that people were abusing and targeting his livestock. He therefore installed CCTV and an alarm

On June 12 of last year, Liam Brown broke into the farm in the middle of the night to carry out the abhorrent act of animal cruelty. However, Brown, of Grosvenor Gardens in Bournemouth, was caught by the new surveillance system, and DNA evidence from a calf provided conclusive evidence that the attack had actually occurred

He was judged responsible for inflicting unnecessary suffering on a protected species as well as sexual penetration with a living being

According to The Mail Online, the case has since been moved to Bournemouth Crown Court for punishment since Brown may serve time behind bars for his heinous conduct

Charles Nightingale, the prosecutor, claimed that the farm installed alarms and a surveillance system as a result of growing concern for the safety and welfare of their young cattle

Due to family relatives who had worked for the farmers in the past, Brown was apparently known to them since he was a little child. Brown was apprehended by the recently installed surveillance system, and his relatives located him there. Brown has never been convicted before, and he hasn’t visited the farm since the event

Mr. Nightingale continued by saying that it was understandable for the family to not want Brown around the land. Harry Price-Smith, the attorney, consented to the matter being brought to the crown court for sentencing. Unconditional bail was issued to the accused

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Because the offenses were so serious, the magistrates declared: “It is going to crown court because it’s possible that you [Brown] need a harsher punishment than we can give”

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