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Actress Moyo Lawal stirs up social media once more and discusses her leaked S3x tape

Actress Moyo Lawal of Nollywood has said that she won’t be silent about her sex tape, which surfaced on social media a few weeks ago

The actor claimed that the man on the recording went above and beyond to win her trust and that she was considering buying a home and entering holy matrimony with him

In contrast to several rumors going around, the actress denied sharing the sex tape in a lengthy message on her Instagram account. The curvy woman said, in part, “Until a lioness tells her story, every hunter will continue to be a hero,” while posting several photographs on the microblogging website. Quiet, unproblematic people are consistently viewed as fools by others. But I believe it’s time for me to start speaking now

“One point… However, I can assure you that nothing is ever exactly as it seems. Only twice last year did I have sex, and that video is from one of those instances. He began recording after the occurrence, indicating that I gave my consent. He doesn’t call Nigeria home

Lawal continued, “He worked very hard, and I mean really hard, over the years to earn my trust. So much so that we were already planning to get married and have a house. Because I put my entire life on hold when I’m dating a man, I had to split up with him last year when we started having communication issues

“I have not given up so much by declining so many dating proposals, sleeping alone 90% of the time throughout my adult life, and opting to be alone… having an offensive video that occurred while I was unwell hang over my head (meanwhile, to the group of skeptics who actually believed that video was released by me due to a ridiculous narrative that started because I didn’t point fingers, start trash talking, or blame anyone and stayed quiet to end it all quickly… Sincerely, I don’t know what to say

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“They believe that what doesn’t kill you just makes you stronger and changes you. (The rest of my caption is on my slides.) P.S. I hope to become carefree and extroverted because leading a moral life has disproved my adversary shege.(sic)

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