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According to Mohbad’s father, “Mohbad died from an injection given to him by an assistant nurse”

The father of the late singer Mohbad has revealed horrifying revelations regarding his close relationship with the deceased child and a horrible dream he had only two days prior to the musician’s tragic passing

During the tearful conversation, Mohbad’s father found it difficult to find the right words to convey his agony because the loss was still so fresh

Despite this, he shared fond memories of their connection and related a troubling dream involving a gun that had occurred just 48 hours before his son’s passing

In addition, he disclosed that, in contrast to popular belief, Mohbad’s death was brought on by an injection given to him by an assistant nurse to treat an ear infection.

People from various walks of life expressed their sorrow and support in response to the news of Mohbad’s terrible death. Numerous well-known people have sent their sympathies and offered to help the grieving family during this trying time

However, troubling reports of family disputes over Mohbad’s possessions have surfaced among the outpourings of grief and sympathy

In a video that has been widely shared online, members of the late singer’s family can be seen arguing passionately over his possessions at his burial site in Ikorodu. Online sources claim that some family members are plotting to take Mohbad’s possessions from his wife

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