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100 DAYS IN OFFICE: TSL Metroline Limited Meets Omituntun Bus Scheme

Governor Seyi Makinde’s clever and visionary approach to building an easier-to-access and more connected society through the Omituntun bus program is a true testament to his dedication to improving the welfare and advancement of the people of Oyo State

The Chairman and Sole Administrator of the Oyo State Pacesetter Transport Services, Hon. Salami Ibraheem Oladeji, recently met with investors from TSL Metroline Limited to discuss further about partnering together to achieve a better pacesetter transport system in an effort to further improve the Omituntun bus scheme


In Nigeria, TSL Metroline Limited is a top supplier of transportation services. The business has a track record of successfully offering transportation services that are reasonable, dependable, and effective

Since its founding in 2001, the business has built a strong reputation for expertise in the safe movement of commodities and products throughout Nigeria, spanning more than 2.5 million kilometers each month

The organization places a high priority on customer service and innovation. To enhance its transportation offerings, TSL Metroline Limited is always coming up with new ideas

Aside from that, the business has a group of knowledgeable and committed employees that are always eager to go above and beyond to assist clients, as well as a thorough grasp of the Nigerian transportation industry

On behalf of Oyo State’s Executive Governor, Engineer Seyi Makinde, FNSE investors from TSL Metroline Limited were received by Hon. Salami Ibraheem Oladeji Dikko, Chairman and Sole Administrator of the Oyo State Pacesetter Transport Services, to further discuss potential collaboration towards a more amiable pacesetter transport system

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On behalf of TSL Metroline Limited CEO Mr. Deji Wright, who visited around two weeks ago, he met with Mr. Femi Sholeye, Mr. Sola Iwasanmi, Mr. Olufemi Ogunniyi, and other team members. They had a lively discussion
The Chairman gave them a tour of the entire facility and helped them see the great things their collaboration could accomplish


The development of a new bus system by TSL Metroline Limited and the Oyo State government is anticipated to have a major effect on the state’s transportation industry. In addition to being more economical, ecologically friendly, and efficient than the existing system, the new one is predicted to increase employment and strengthen the state’s economy

Enhanced Effectiveness

It is anticipated that the new bus system will be more efficient than the existing one in a number of areas. Initially, GPS tracking devices will be installed in the buses, enabling dispatchers to shorten travel times and optimize routes. Second, on certain routes, there will be designated bus lanes that will give buses precedence over other cars. Third, pre-paid ticketing systems on the buses will shorten passengers’ wait times at bus stops

Increased Accessibility

It is anticipated that the new bus system will be less expensive than the existing one. Because of the government of Oyo State’s pledge to subsidize fares, more individuals of all economic levels will be able to use the service. Passengers will also be able to save money by making larger purchases

Decreased Emissions into the Air

When compared to the current system, the new bus system is anticipated to have a smaller environmental impact. New emissions control systems installed on the buses will contribute to a reduction in air pollution. Furthermore, biodiesel—a sustainable fuel that emits fewer emissions than conventional diesel fuel—will power the buses

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Creation of Jobs

Employment growth in the state is another anticipated benefit of the partnership between TSL Metroline Limited and the Oyo State government. The new bus system would require hundreds of employees to run and maintain, according to TSL Metroline Limited. Additionally, the business intends to invest in brand-new infrastructure, including repair facilities and bus terminals. The local economy will grow and even more jobs will be created by this investment

financial impact

Oyo State’s economy is anticipated to benefit from the new bus system as well. People will find it easier to navigate the system, which will increase economic activity and production. Furthermore, the expenditure on new infrastructure will positively benefit the economy


The vision and direction of Governor Makinde are essential in promoting community-beneficial activities. Furthermore, it is admirable how committed Dr. Dikko is to making the Omituntun bus program better. His unceasing efforts to improve the plan demonstrate his dedication to improving transportation for Oyo State residents. Dr. Dikko is actively working to make transportation for the citizens easier, more effective, and more advantageous by always looking for methods to make the bus scheme better

The devoted workers of TSL Metroline Limited are likewise deserving of great praise for their unshakable devotion and ceaseless efforts to transform the state’s transportation infrastructure

The indigenous people have exhibited extraordinary perseverance and support in accepting and benefiting from these transportation upgrades. In addition to making commuting easier, their flexibility and openness to these changes have promoted social cohesion and economic development in the area

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The community has demonstrated an impressive unity by actively participating and cooperating, realizing the long-term benefits and welcoming the beneficial changes brought about by these developments


Looking back on these joint victories, it’s clear that the benefits go much beyond simple transit improvements. These accomplishments serve as an example of what may be achieved by cooperation and group effort. Future developments and continuous progress in the state’s transportation system are what give reason for optimism. To ensure the region’s continued growth and prosperity, it is imperative that we keep encouraging this collaborative attitude and use it to spur even more creative solutions

To sum up, Dr. Dikko’s work, TSL Metroline Limited’s, and the people in the neighborhood represent a significant success story. The benefits of these coordinated initiatives improve mobility and create the foundation for a better, more connected future

These cooperative efforts keep opening doors for new developments, strengthening the state’s transportation infrastructure and improving people’s quality of life overall. I believe that the people have even brighter days ahead of them since Mr. Chairman is headed toward success

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